The light shifts regardless (pre-order)


Author: Kris Oosting

Category: Photo zine
Number of pages: 56
Size: 14.8cm x 21cm
Language: Dutch


Verwacht: januari 2023

Verzendkosten: €2.50 (binnen Nederland)

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From war, to refugee crises, to political tensions and the aftermath of the pandemic, there is a perpetual state of unease about what is happening around us. Also on a personal level, this feeling of dysphoria presents itself in many shapes to many queer people, especially in Poland where LGBTQ people have in recent years been in the crosshairs of the government. At the same time, people resist giving in to this feeling of dread. They combat it with (un)ironic optimism, a  pinch of surrealism and an unwavering desire for change.

In his first photo zine, Kris Oosting brings together a selection of photos made in Poland in 2021-2022 around pride, protests and queerness.